Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Best day to start work in the Chinese New Year 2016

Well, whaddaya know, Chinese New Year is barely two weeks away. Not feeling the vibe yet? Easy! Take a trip downtown, the decoration and bustle of shoppers doing their Chinese New Year shopping will surely get you in the mood. Chinatown is a good place to go to for that Chinese New Year feel.

Chinese New Year this year falls on February 8, a Monday. It will be the Year of the Fire Monkey. The eve is the 29th day of the 12th lunar month, if you are interested.

I read that the auspicious colour to wear is yellowish brown. But then again, red is the default colour for Chinese New Year, right down to inner wear.

Want to start the year right? Below is a chart showing the best days or auspicious days to commence work in the new year. So you can start planning your leave now.

According to the guide, the best days will be the 5th day (12 Feb) and the 11th day (18 Feb) of the new year but if you are a Horse or a Rat person, pick another day. Also, take note of the auspicious time.


Don't know which animal year you were born in? Not a problem, you can find out here on the Chinese Zodiac chart.

Now you know. Go forth and prosper!


  1. i didn't see my sign in the unsuitable zodiac column, means i can go back to work anytime and it's auspicious!! yipee~~