Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Frolics - How Do You View the Outside World?

Now, how do you view the outside world?

Frankly, most of us don't care or have never really given it a thought, isn't it?

This week's quiz will give you an inkling as to how you really see the outside world. Take this little thought-provoking questionnaire to find out your view.

Happy Friday, everyone!

You See the Outside World as Glorious

You don't like to speculate about the future. You prefer to live fully in the present.

You don't get caught up in flights of fancy. You are down to earth.

People are always more important than things. Things are replaceable; people are not.

You are content to let people be who they are. You never try to change anyone.

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  1. I ot the same result as you :)

  2. huh!! i've got the same results too!!

  3. Ah, three's company! Anyone else to join the bandwagon? The more the merrier.

  4. Nope..sorry Bananaz is 'fascinating'