Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Happy Couple

What constitutes happiness and how do you define happiness? Happiness means different things to different people as what makes one happy may not make the next one so. Everyone is different and has different wants and needs. Some people find happiness when they are allowed to take charge, others are happy just following behind. Would you be happy in a relationship like the one below?

A couple was celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Their domestic tranquility had long been the talk of the town

"What a peaceful & loving couple". A local newspaper reporter was inquiring as to the secret of their long and happy marriage.

"Well, it dates back to our honeymoon," explained the man. "We visited the Grand Canyon and took a trip down to the bottom on the canyon by horse. We hadn't gone too far when my wife's horse stumbled. My wife quietly said, 'that's once'." We proceeded a little further and the horse stumbled again. Once more my wife quietly said, 'That's twice.' "We hadn't gone a half-mile when the horse stumbled the third time. My wife quietly removed a revolver from her purse and shot the horse dead.

"I started an angry protest over her treatment of the horse, while I was shouting, she looked at me, and quietly said,

'That's once'. "And we lived happily ever after." :)


  1. That's an old joke. If something like that happened today the husband would hire somebody to poison the wife's coffee at work...after taking out a large life insurance policy on her, that is...

  2. MM, I'm sure this is only a joke. I think this kind of situation doesn't exist at all. Would any man allow himself to be treated such?

    There are lots of ways of killing anyone. The question is whether anyone would do it. Luckily humans have a thing called conscience or do we?