Saturday, February 17, 2007

Do Malaysian women need a chastity belt?

Are Malaysians going backwards instead of forward? Are we going back to the era of the chastity belt? There's an interesting debate going on up there after a suggestion was made by one who thinks he doesn't need one. Read the ridiculous idea. Your thoughts, please.


  1. Another example of why religion and politics should be kept apart.

  2. If they're going to insist on chastity belts for women to protect them from rape or incest, how about making all people wear blinds and earplugs to keep them from being exposed to harmful information? I mean, let's be FAIR about this!

  3. PandaB, so true. Unfortunately...

    MM, I totally agree but some people do come up with 'great' ideas. Oh wait, there's yet another 'great' idea. In one of the states here, they are paying people to spy on others (catch them in compromising situations).

    Talk about 'compromising', pretty soon, we'll have to pay a 'sin tax' for patronising fastfood joints. The Health Minister recently proposed banning fastfood adverts citing fastfood being unhealthy causing diabetes and hypertension. **Sigh**