Friday, February 16, 2007

Pre-paid Cellphones for You?

Even though cell phones are a necessity these days, fortunately users have a choice of having either a standard cell phone plan or a pre-paid plan. Either plan has got its own clientele and merits. The people I know who opted for the pre-paid plan have strong reasons for choosing that option. In other words, the pre-paid plan suits their needs.

Some people do not want to commit to a contract for various reasons. Expats who are staying in a place for just a short stint would fall into this category, for instance. In some countries, one needs enough credit to qualify for a standard plan. Yet others do not see a need for a big monthly bill as they may not use their phones enough. In these situations, pre-paid phones or pre-paid plans would work best.

If it's the pre-paid plan that you are looking for, why not check out the great variety of pre-paid cell phones available from Wirefly. The Cingular GoPhones have all the benefits of Cingular Wireless with no annual contract, no credit check, no deposit and zero commitment. There's also the T-Mobile ToGo Prepaid Phones and the Virgin Mobile Prepaid Phones. In fact, there is a wide range of phones available for the many plans Wirefly has. Right now, their online exclusive is the Family Plan where you get two free phones plus minutes can be shared. Check it out.

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