Sunday, February 4, 2007

Shopping for the Chinese New Year

Chinatown/Petaling Street - Photo source: Yahoo! Travel

The Lunar New Year or more commonly-known as the Chinese New Year here in Malaysia is just around the corner. To be exact, it falls on Feb 18. Being a country with a good portion of the people being Chinese, they are busy making preparations for this auspicious occasion. One of the key activities is shopping for new things both for the home and for oneself like clothes and other personal items.

Shopping places like the Suria KLCC (KL City Center), the Mid-valley Megamall and Chinatown town or the Petaling Street area are packed with shoppers day and night.


  1. what will you be getting for yourself this year?

  2. Hi Doc, the usual pretty pretty things to get me all charged up until the next spree. heehee...

    Ladies find every excuse to buy things, don't we? Feel depressed, go shopping; feel happy, go shopping; feel bored, also go shopping. We are just from Venus. LOL.

  3. you are a true citizen of Venus!

    Martians are just as predictable :

    happy - watch football

    bored - watch football

    depressed - watch football plus beers!

  4. Why shop?
    Why watch TV? (or anything)

    Just go out and live.

    Life is real. It isn't on TV. It isn't in the mall. And it is far more satisfying than either.