Saturday, February 3, 2007

Switching to the New Blogger

No wonder there are so many grouses on the Blogger discussion site from bloggers who have switched to the New Blogger. Now I understand why. I was forced to switch by Blogger yesterday, Feb 3. (MM, I guess it was time for my blog to make the transition).

Everything seemed fine, then I spotted something amiss after my first post. "Previous Posts" does not get updated and keeps showing the same posts. Does anyone have a solution? I went to the discussion board but did not find any thread on this problem and worse still, I couldn't find a link to Blogger Help. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

I hope I don't find any other glitches. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Happy,

    I switched two days ago and decided on a different template to give additional width, and everything seems fine. There's no "Previous Posts" but an "Archive" column that saves much space on the side-bar.

    There are some clear advantages, like faster/easier publishing, and convenient editing of the blog's layout and colours.

  2. Joe, thanks for sharing your experience. I thought every blog has "Previous Posts" and "Archives" in the standard templat? No? I wonder if there's a way to shorten the "Archives". Mine is getting to be a bit too long. I'm still experiencing Previous Posts not rolling. Hmm..

  3. Happy,

    The 'Archives' in new template is automatically collapsed into standard annual display, saving a lot of space. Check my out you'll know what I mean.

  4. Joe, thanks. Perhaps your new blog is designed this way.

  5. I got forced over too. My previous posts are OK, and I haven't had any of the business I read on that discussion group (thanks for the link btw) with the losing stuff - but the google version just seems kinda flaky - took me an hour to log on the other day, pictures come and go, and it just doesn't seem as reliable.

    I hesitate to kvetch too much 'cause, well, it's free, but it seems like they took something that was generally fairly OK, with occasional glitches, & turned it into something that's generally fairly glitchy, but occasionally OK.

    Oh well, hopefully they'll get things worked out.

  6. Hi Bonnie, I like what you said about generally and fairly - the second last para.

    My "Previous Posts" are still not working right. The posts are not getting rolled. And I don't like the look of the Dashboard - looks cluttered.

    MM, I still don't escape word verification to comment on my own blog.

    Bonnie, a good reminder... it's free. Oh well...

  7. MM, I still don't escape word verification to comment on my own blog.

    That's odd. That means that you're not recognized as your blog's administrator. Try making sure you're logged in using your Google account. (Look at the upper right hand corner of your blog. If it says "sign out" you should be fine. It if says "sign in" you're not logged in to new Blogger. Do so and try commenting again.)