Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Santa Winter Games

The Chinese has a saying that goes something like even when you live a hundred years, there would still be new things to hear or learn about.

I never knew there is a Santa Winter Games, did you?

The Star reported that

Christmas cheer came early to Sweden's Arctic mining town of Gaellivare this weekend, where Santas from around the world gathered to compete in one of the world's most important but little known sporting events, the Santa Winter Games.

The nine competitors and their elves paraded Saturday through the Lapland town of Gaellivare, located 100km (62 miles) inside the Arctic Circle, to the site of the competition in the town's centre.

Japan's Santa Claus was accompanied by three human reindeer, who, in a gracious display of Christmas spirit, agreed to pull the sleigh of the local Santa also competing in the event.

As spectators watched from the sidelines, elves and reindeer handed out flags, whistles and candy to supporters.

The Father Christmas from Spain had a three-year-old helper named Marco who conscientiously completed his duties before diving face-first into the snow, as he discovered white fluffy snowflakes for the first time. (That must have been so cute to watch.)

The competition included a reindeer-riding event, porridge-eating, karaoke and sack races, before the jury crowned a winner.

In the end, the Santa from the Netherlands was declared the winner of the 2012 competition.

"I'm thrilled: I'm the first to win two years in a row. I'm going to come back next year to defend my title," he vowed.

After the competition, everyone had a smile on their lips as they drank mulled wine - or hot chocolate for the youngsters - at the town's picturesque Christmas market nearby.

Some 400 people braved the cold in parkas and warm boots to watch this year's competition, a record, according to organisers.

"Next year, we'll do things bigger," said Mathias Svalenstroem, who organises the annual event. - AFP

Talk about Santa and Christmas, I haven't been downtown to see whether the Christmas decorations are up in the malls. Have you seen any?


  1. I think even if I live 10,000 years there will still be something new to learn haha

  2. First time hear about Santa Winter Games!

  3. haha!! that is interesting.. all the santa plays in the winter games!! that must sure be a magnificent sight!!

  4. ya...Christmas is near

  5. Foong, so true about learning new things at whatever age.

    This Santa Winter Games must be fun to watch.

  6. SK, indeed, it would be quite a sight to see so many Santas in one spot.

    I once saw a line of Santas taking an escalator at a mall and I was thrilled! I guess Santas are not only for kids. LOL

  7. Small Kucing, bet you are all excited and looking forward to the gifts that will come your way.