Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The New Template

Noticed the new template? I have been meaning to change over from the first generation template but the thought of having to retype or re-insert URLs for links sort of delayed the process.

Was toying around with the template this morning and instead of going back, I guessed I clicked on the wrong button and horrors realized I had activated a new template.

Tried out several options (Dynamic views were tempting) but after a few attempts, thought this is a good one for a quick getting-onboard -- for putting up the necessary knickknacks, ads and such. This is the one I picked (because it's with a white background) but I think it's a little too white that it glares. What do you think? It's still a work-in-progress so please bear with the little kinks here and there.

I have had email requests asking how I could be followed but I never could have the Followers panel in the old version but hey, I have it now, so you could start following me now. Sorry, it took so long..

Like I said, there's still a lot of tweaking to be done but at least it's working. Phew!

Welcome to my new home. hehe..


  1. Nice template Ok with me can see the words well. Some blogs have dark blue background with black wordings thats a huge challenge for Bananaz.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Not really, didn't notice. Guess I'm not very observant... LOL!!!

  3. Bananaz, thanks so much for your feedback. Yeah, I agree about the dark background being a challenge to the eyes.

    Color scheme and font-size are my priorities for reader comfort. Feel free to get back when you see some improvement opportunity here.

  4. STP, yeah, guess you are not very observant. haha..

    If you didn't notice, it also means the transition is sort of invisible, which is a good thing though.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  5. All, please help me out here. The LinkWithin widget doesn't seem to be working. I don't see any image showing up even though the post title is showing. Do you see the same thing? It doesn't show up neither on IE nor Firefox.

    However, it's working fine on my Malaysia site though.

    Any clue?

  6. Got see the LinkWithin but no images but they are in working order woh. You've got 15 followers already.

  7. Merely seeing the three empty boxes of your LinkWithin no images but when clicked they are able to link. Even went back to your past posts tested the same no images but they are in perfect working order.

  8. uiks Google friends connect still can be installed ka? Thought it's discontinued. Now can follow but unable to unfollow and reading list cannnot more than 300..

  9. problems with all the URLs?? i thot they will not be affected when you changed your template?? that's why you see me changing every month, haha!!

    BTW, nice to see something new, haha!! it's blue, and it's rather simplicity too~~ :)

  10. Clean and simple! I like. ^^

    I can see the Link Within widget (with both Chrome and Firefox) and they work when I click on them, but their photo/picture boxes are empty.

  11. Bananaz, thanks so much for your feedback.

  12. Small Kucing, looks like it's still working because I just installed the widget from the Blogger widget menu.

    Unfollow is pretty complicated, I agree, but I did manage to do it once.

  13. SK, there was a warning about loss of info when one transitions from the gen 1 template to this current platform. That has been the main reason for my delaying the transition. Re-keying info is tedious. :(

    But if you are already on the new template, then everything will remain intact when you switch to a new template, like what you are doing.

  14. Rurousha, bad colour scheme and clutter are my pet peeves. hehe..

    Thanks so much for your feedback. Looks like no cure on the horizon so this helpful tool may have to go.