Thursday, November 15, 2012

What does the 10th lunar month hold for us?

How time flies. We are now in the 10th lunar month. What does it hold for us, for the world? Below is from an email from a feng shui expert that warrants reading and perhaps paying attention to. With war looming in the Middle-east, are we seeing the prediction coming true? Read on..

The 10th lunar month is from the 14th Nov to 12th Dec 2012. It will be quite a bad month. There will be severe natural disasters, illnesses and plagues together with other forms of trouble that will be elaborated upon later. Hence, it will be best to avoid traveling during this period of time so as not to be caught up in a fix in an unfamiliar environment.

There will be a lot of gossip, badmouthing, quarrels, disagreements and direct conflicts. This will affect individuals causing disharmony among family members, divorce and separation or severe office politics. There will also be conflicts between nations, people of different ethnicity and races. Ethnic and racial clashes and violence among groups of people with different ideologies will be more frequent resulting in more casualties. A great deal of undesirable publicity will seem to manifest itself easily. Even if you will be playing your part well, you might be easily sucked into the chaos and conflict. The impact will be so devastating leading one to lose jobs, business and even losing one’s life. It will be best to stay out of the limelight and maintain a low profile. During this period of time, there will be many who will try to take advantage of the situation by intercepting others job opportunities, making more money at the expense of others and toppling their competitors from power. The power reshuffles will seem to last while the money gained will not. This will be a great time for the big and powerful ones while the gentle and innocent people might have to put their safety belts on or take cover.

The majority of people will be open to creation and innovation. Leadership qualities will also be apparent. This will be a great time to lead, motivate and be an inspiration to others. There will also be some people who might be likely to cross the line and become stubborn, opinionated, and over-confident. This group of people might end up taking things for granted, make bad plans and in so doing repulse others who might be able help them and even walk away from solutions. The damage that this group of people will face might be many times greater than at other periods of time and might include financial losses, lost opportunities, loss of jobs and power or being stuck in a situation like cat chasing it’s tail.. However, some people’s loss will be others’ gain. As such, there will be a group of people laughing all the way to the bank by pocketing all the opportunities and benefits.

The other potential problem relates to documentation or commentary errors. Mistakes in a contract or agreement might result in large penalties and even leading to legal problems. Our focus will be weaker than at other times. Hence, if you need to handle contractual matters or sign documents, you will need to be very careful to ensure that the details are correct. Where the documentation is prepared by others, ensure that you have gone through the details thoroughly before endorsing it. If you feel tired, it will be best to request for more time to examine thoroughly through the documentation instead of doing shoddy work. This month will be unfavourable for learning and engaging in complex planning.

For those who need to cleanse their crystals or have been using their crystals actively, you might want to use the moonlight of the 29th Nov 2012 to do so.

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  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Oh dear!!! And I will be travelling later in the month. So bad kah? Die lor!!!!!

  2. "There will be a lot of gossip, badmouthing, quarrels, disagreements and direct conflicts"..guess this will be happening every month haha.

  3. You have not settled the problem with LinkWithin, no images but empty boxes but issue in linking. Not sure if you uninstall it and then install again can help. Good luck.

  4. STP, my take on this is, what will happen will happen. So, go ahead and enjoy your travel. Where you are going, Dec is better weather esp if it's down south.

  5. Bananaz, true in a way. Maybe what the master meant is that the forces are greater this month and that we could easily be sucked into conflicts. Of course, it's entirely up to the individual to take precaution so as not to get involved.

    About LinkWithin, I've done that - removed and reinstalled. Maybe I'll give it another go and if it still persists, will have to do without it. I even wrote to them but have yet to receive a response. Thanks so much for your support on this, Bananaz. Much appreciated.