Saturday, November 17, 2012

A New 'Toy' - The Conair Pro Garment Care Fabric Steamer

Ah, the joys of shopping without having to pay a single sen. I almost redeemed a Fat Free Fryer back in July but didn't think it'd be used enough to warrant owning one and it would probably end up in some dark recess of the kitchen cabinet. I did, however, redeemed something else.

A dust-buster is what I redeemed but more of that later. Let me tell you first about the latest redeemed product. The dust-buster in another post..

The latest redemption item I got for myself (through credit card points) is an implement for ironing clothes. Yes, sort of an iron, if you like, but different. I would be crazy to redeem an iron. I already have two in the house. This gadget is called a Fabric Steamer and works on the concept of steam (duh!) to iron out the creases and lines. Please excuse the bad photos.

This is the box that the steamer was packed in - all black. The fabric steamer is the object on the right, the one with the jacket hanging from. A better image below.

Clothes-ironing or pressing has always been a tedious chore for me and has therefore been outsourced to the local dhobi. With this new Fabric Steamer, I could do the simple pieces such as blouses, t-shirts and scarves. Pants (jeans included) and jackets can still go to the dhobi.

Have always wanted one of these ironing gadgets since I first laid eyes on such a device many years ago but so far have not been able to find one attractive enough to bring home. Found the baby at last.

This labour-saving device is from Conair. The box says Conair Pro Garment Care and it comes with a lot of different interchangeable nozzles for different functions including one for clipping lines for shirts and pants and even one for steaming hard surfaces such as glass windows.

Here is the better picture of the steamer. That's the steam on top right coming out from the nozzle. The container at the bottom is for the water. Steaming or ironing won't work if there is no water in the bottle.

At the Fiesta, two models were being sold, by two different companies. Between the two models, I picked the sturdier and neater (with less cables hanging out) model which of course was more expensive - almost three times the price. And the sales-lady made it look so easy to operate. But true enough, so far so good. Just need to remember not to get scalded by the steam though.

This Conair, model CGS28HWH, a 12-in-One Multi-tasking Garment Steamer comes with 7 attachments for perfect pressing & steaming for different fabrics. It is energy-saving with a pause-feature and it uses 1500 watts as opposed to the conventional iron. One obvious difference between a fabric steamer and a conventional iron is that the former has no need for an ironing board nor table/flat surface. Just set up the pole or clothes-hanger and steam away.

The hanger can be rotated 360deg while the pole is adjustable to the desired height meaning you can even sit down to do the steaming. And a host of other features.. It's claimed to kill dust mites and bedbugs. I suppose at this heat, not many insects will survive.

Conair claims to be USA's No. 1 Brand of Personal Care Appliances - it says there on the box.

What have you bought lately to reduce labour at the home-front or something useful or enjoyable for yourself or the family? I know Sui Tua Pui of Still Crazy After All These Years recently received the BBQ set that he redeemed with his credit card points. Someone's going to have BBQ garden parties again.


  1. Thought you are talking about ConAir the movie acted by Nicholas Cage haha. Must look into the redemption catalogue so far have not redeemed any as yet.

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Ahhhh!!!! I've seen them using that at shopping malls...and then they can ion the clothes handing on a stand.

    Haven't started putting together my BBQ set yet... Hehehehehehe!!!!

  3. easier to use than the usual iron. :)

  4. Bananaz, happy shopping! Trust me, you'll enjoy the experience. :)

  5. STP, right. When I first saw it in the mall, I thought it was merely a gimmick having the impression that once back home, it wouldn't work as demonstrated. But now I know it truly does. Makes ironing more of a breeze than a chore.

    I have no doubt your BBQ set will give you many happy hours with friends and family.

  6. Small Kucing, sure is. Glad I got it.

  7. hi, do you still using this fabric steamer? how is it?

  8. Leann, yes, am still using it for blouses, shirts and t-shirts. Have yet to steam pants though. I would recommend it for being less of a hassle vs conventional ironing. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Love the Kazoo Steamer from Bizarkdeal.
    We use this everyday as my husband wears suit shirts to work. It has done the trick! Its simple to assemble. Put water in and once you turn it on, it takes about 30 seconds for the steam to generate (maybe even less). It comes with an ironing brush, steam gloves (so you dont get burned), fabric brush and a collar press pad! The handle is very comfortable and a great size. it doesnt feel bulky when holding it. You can also adjust the height as well for us short women out there! There is also a dial on it where you can select what material you are steaming- silk, cotton, fabrics, etc. It literally takes the wrinkles out of everything. I have included some pictures of a shirt that I steamed and it took me less than a minute to do. I also iron my kids clothes, tablecloths and wrinkly sheets (yes I am that neurotic). It does its job and I am NOT disappointed. I would recommend this to anyone!