Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NUS terminates Alvin Tan's scholarship

Source: The Star

So, the verdict is out on disciplinary action on sex blogger, Alvin Tan.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has terminated the scholarship of sex blogger Alvin Tan.

The Straits Times reported a source as telling it that the Asean scholarship holder was not expelled but will have to pay full, unsubsidised fees as a foreign student should he want to conclude his final year of studies at the NUS Law School.
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  1. everything comes with a price

  2. 早知今日何必當初 zǎo zhī jīn rì hè bì dāng chū *pinyin* and in Cantonese 'zou2 zi1 gam1 ho4 bit1 dong1 co1'. Agree with Small Kucing its a huge sexpensive price.

  3. maybe he will be the next big asian porn star.. lol

  4. Small Kucing, indeed, everything does - big or small.

  5. Bananaz, huge price is again subjective. No?