Thursday, November 22, 2012

Consider a Wall Fountain for a water feature

Water features are becoming popular in new homes and offices both for aesthetics as well as for good fengshui. Another popular water feature is a koi fish pond.

In the Chinese community, water is synonymous with wealth. Thus to bring wealth into the home, a water feature is believed to create the vibe for wealth-generation.

Nowadays, a wall fountain is common in homes that do not allow for a fish pond or a regular fountain due to space constraint. A wall fountain can even take the place of a painting in a home with the added cooling effect and the resultant generation of negative ions that are beneficial to health.


  1. Cool! You mean the water is 'running' as well just without the fishes? Bananaz always loves water & sound.

  2. Bananaz, cool, eh? For more info, click on the 'wall fountain' hyperlink in the post. The site provides info about wall fountains, answers to any query you may have. Happy shopping!

  3. Anonymous9:25 PM

    This looks awesome. It'd be such a great inclusion in our lounge, I'm doing some research for suppliers of these in the UK. At our old house it wasn't possible because the room was quite dark and we couldn't use a solar pump but now we have pretty big bay windows so it might be possible! :)