Friday, November 30, 2012

Landing yourself the Job of a Lifetime

I read on The Star yesterday that a pretty face used for a profile image is a sure way to attract online friends. Frankly, any female even without an actual photo profile image is target enough and I'm speaking from experience.

In this age of Internet, too much personal information you put out there could spell a breach of security and put you in the path of people out there with unsavoury intentions. Is it any wonder why so many people here are still being scammed losing millions to strangers? Some in the name of love.

Facebook and other social media sites are places where people can learn more about you. These sites are easily the sites investigators go to for a back ground check on a person. If you have good data on them, you might land yourself a job of a lifetime. That's one good aspect of being online. Let's not go to the bad side. You already know the drill about not revealing too much on the web.

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