Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hong Kong celebrity Sam Lee weds Pae Leung

Malaysians are able to catch a lot of international movies through our one and only direct satellite tv network, Astro.

For the Chinese community, we get to watch movies from Hong Kong and Taiwan though there are more of the former. These are normally in the Cantonese dialect.

Latest Hong Kong celebrity wedding has got to be Sam Lee's. Anyone who watches Hong Kong TVB shows would know who Sam is. He married his fashion designer girlfriend, Pae Leung on Nov 17.
Sam Lee Chan-Sam is an actor from Hong Kong. He started his film career when he was first spotted by director Fruit Chan who cast him in Made in Hong Kong. Recently, he is best remembered for his role as the rich-kid-turned-passionate social worker in Ghetto Justice.

Outside of his film career, Sam is a seasonal member of a Hong Kong hip hop band Lazy Mutha Fucka (LMF) where he is the rapper. Sam Lee is also known as DJ Becareful. (Wikipedia)

Here's a peek at his wedding banquet celebrity friends arrivals..including Daniel Wu and his wife Lisa S., Eddie Cheung Siu-fai and his wife, Timmy Hung, JJ Jia, Dayo Wong Chi-wah, Edmond Leung, Eddie Kwan Lai Kit), Wilfred Lau (Joey Yung's current beau), Edison Chen, Jazz Lam and Eric Tsang.

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  1. I hardly watch TVB dramas. Still trying to figure out who he is...

  2. ahem...shame on me...i dont know who are they

    But can see they have good taste in the wedding dress. Simple and nice

  3. KS, Sam Lee Chan-Sam (Chinese: 李璨琛) is not only in TVB series but in a lot of movies. You may want to check him out on Wikipedia.

  4. Small Kucing, true, nice wedding dress.

  5. he is my faveret actor from HK... love his action in dog bite dog film... :)