Sunday, November 4, 2012

Man United 2, Arsenal 1

Yes! Yes! Yes!! It's Man United 2, Arsenal 1 - last night (our time) at Old Trafford.



And there were a lot of yellow cards being flashed too. Plus one red card for Wilshere of Arsenal.

Robin van Persie was inevitably on the scoresheet as Manchester United beat his former club Arsenal to record a fourth consecutive win in the Barclays Premier League. He put in the first goal just three minutes into the game. Report: United 2 Arsenal 1

Patrice Evra scored the other goal at the 67th minute mark.

Rooney missed the penalty but he was unmoved and says he was left bemused by his penalty miss, but stressed the incident is already in the past.

Last August early in the season, Manchester United inflicted total humiliation on Arsenal with an 8-2 brutal victory at Old Trafford then returning MU to the top of the table. That scoreline represented Arsenal's worst defeat since 1896. Source:

MU had lots of chances - five or six clear misses but nevertheless two goals are good enough to propel Manchester United to the top of the table for the moment then. Chelsea still had a game in hand but after their 0-0 draw game with West Ham United, Manchester United is now officially on top. Yay!

League Table to show for it..

Top 10:

The other 10:

More pictures..

Manchester United's Patrice Evra (R) celebrates with Robin van Persie and Jonny Evans (L) after scoring during their English Premier League soccer match against Arsenal at Old Trafford in Manchester, northern England November 3, 2012. REUTERS/Darren Staples (Source: The Star)

More pictures from the Manchester United website..

..and morning has broken over KL. Good morning!

I shall enjoy the day..


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Man-Ure VS Arse-anal....

  2. Aiseh! That's not nice but.. you are entitled to your manure and arses. :)

  3. After hearing friends who are bola crazy not so much in the game but the gamble Bananaz may not really love to watch football like those days. When the stake is high $$$ can change the wind. STP is pretty stingko with names haha.

  4. Ya lah, you noticed that too? tsk!

    Somemore, my favorite football club! Go MU go!

    "Ngan chee choay kiok!.. LOL

  5. Got a former colleague who tried his beginner's luck into getting pro wrestlers to 'fight' in Penang. A total failure ended up wrestlers wanna wrestle his neck. My friend said the wrestlers at the ring act as though they wanna 'eat' each other up but behind the curtain they yamseng and hug each other..

  6. Yay.. Man U wins...
    Luckily Arsenal score a late goal..

  7. ot really into sports but lovely morning photo

  8. Congrats to Man U!! : )

  9. yes I won thanks to Cazorla