Sunday, November 18, 2012

McDonald’s giving away 200,000 free Egg McMuffin burgers

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McDonald's will be giving away 200,000 free Egg McMuffin burgers on Monday, Nov 19 (tomorrow).

Themed McDonald's Breakfast Day, all of its 215 breakfast restaurants nationwide will be giving away freshly-made Egg McMuffin burgers to the first 1,000 customers, including at their Genting and airport stores between 7am and 10am while offer lasts.

The Egg McMuffin, according to McDonald's Malaysia, is made from farm fresh egg and high-quality golden cheese with a slice of chicken roll on freshly toasted English muffin.

It is limited to one Egg McMuffin per customer per visit and is only valid for in-store, take-away and drive-through purchases.

For more information on McDonald's Breakfast Day and a list of its breakfast restaurants, visit

Terms and Conditions:
1. Only ONE (1) free Egg McMuffin per customer
2. Free Egg McMuffin limited to the first 1000 customers per restaurant from 7am - 10am, whichever comes first
3. Redemption hours of free Egg McMuffin vary by restaurant
4. Not valid through McDelivery
5. No purchase required

Source: The Star


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Not into this sort of things...but my daughter would love it!!!

  2. if some place is giving away free Kampua noodles, i am sure STP will be queuing for that a night before and camp there till the shop opens!! :D

  3. don't think i will be getting that also.. sure long queue and many people queuing up on their way to work..

  4. STP, I used to like this egg McMuffin for its simplicity but don't remember it having that slice of smoked chicken roll though.

  5. STP, would you like what SK said? LOL

    SK, the queue goes without saying. Patience is a virtue if one has the time.

  6. Heard from reliable sources MCD coming up with their first McKampua pretty soon kekeke. Bet STP's comment would be 'cheh no fight Sibu kampua is the best'. tQ for the info. Have a sunshine Sunday *hopefully*

  7. Bananaz, are you serious? Got cha-siew too? :p

    (For readers unfamiliar with the term 'cha-siew', this is roast pork sliced thinly accompanying noodles. These days, there is the chicken version.)

  8. I never eat McDonalds, but I love Japan's MosBurger! ^^

    So what's a typical Malaysian breakfast? Or does it depend on your specific background?

  9. Yay foc mcmuffin..
    Btw man u lost..... I m so sad..

  10. Just kidding merely trying to pull Kampua King's legs

  11. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Kampua, I can cook my need to queue like that. So stupid....just to get that, queue for hours! Like never eat before... Cannot afford a decent breakfast meh? If so hard up, no need to eat lah. Can just starve to death! Sure their lives not worth living kesian!

  12. I hate queues so definitely wont go for this. Prefer to pay for it haha!