Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Frolics - The Abstract Rose Test

Yay, it's Friday again! Let's do a simple quiz this week and maybe get rewarded with a nice reading, shall we?

Happy Friday, everyone!

You Have High Standards

You'll do almost anything for a friend, but you won't be friends with just anyone.

You're the perfect combination of simplicity and divinity. You are a secret hedonist, and no one knows how indulgent you can be.

You are very reliable. Many people count on you, and rightfully so.

You are intense, internally driven, and passionate. You have a purpose to your life.


  1. Gimme a 5..sama sama Have a great weekend

  2. The first line is very very true bros & sis also not that close but not just any friends. The rest also choon except the last sentence have not found my real purpose in life yet.

  3. Happy Friday Levian, I love weekend :-)

  4. i have also chosen the same rose like you, still in its bud and not fully bloom yet..

  5. Anonymous7:51 PM

    You are both dependent and independent, calm and restless. You often can see both sides of things.
    You've never had a problem getting dates. You have many admirers, and you don't like being single.

    You love romance. You get a thrill from being swept off your feet.
    Your life is simple and satisfying. Each day you treat yourself to something you enjoy.

    How very true!!!

  6. STP wow wow wow lots of dates & secret admirers???

  7. Bananaz, whoa, so chun, eh? Glad you still enjoy these quizzes. Me too, for the fun of it.

  8. Hi Dora, good to see you again - though you must have confused me with Levian. No matter..

  9. SK, still young and innocent, eh? haha..

  10. STP, so sweet and romantic! Thanks for playing.