Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Need a Mold Inspection on Your Property?

Malaysia being in the tropics is a country with high humidity. As a result, moss and mold are not uncommon and they lead to degradation. A colleague who recently bought a sprawling property in the country engaged a Mold Company to perform mold testing on his property. A Mold Inspector was deployed to gather facts. He even brought a Mold Dog. Why dogs you may ask.

Dogs have been trusted for hundreds of years to detect and locate things humans can't find. Once this four-legged mold detective locates the area that needs further investigation, industry-standard testing and investigative methods are then used to confirm the findings. All this is professionally done and the method is proven, accurate and trusted.


  1. do you mean "scoliosis"?

  2. Doc, yes, that's it. Thanks. Isn't it helpful to have a doc or two inhouse.