Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Make your own bead jewelry

Hobbies are a wonderful thing. They help you pass time or provide you an avenue to express your talent. Hobbyists will agree that seeing the fruit of your labour materialise is very satisfying, be it painting, knitting, gardening or pottery.

I have an office-mate who is so good at crochet that she makes clothes and useful knick-knacks to give away.

Yet another makes beautiful costume jewelry. The pieces she makes are beautiful. She uses beads and such sourced locally. Some are from overseas. I recently found a site that could add to her list of sources. I know she will be thrilled because she is constantly on the lookout for new sources to add to her inventory.

Lalette sells a unique selection of all kinds of beads and charms for jewellery projects. They also stock a variety of jewelry making kits. Their wonderful collection of jewelry making ideas would be added inspiration for my friend.

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  1. Dear HappySurfer!
    I would love to pick up some beautiful beads when I go to KL at the end of this month. Any suggestions?
    Regards, Lotta (goranlotta@yahoo.com)

  2. Hi Lotta, welcome to my blog. For beads, I can think of Macy along Jalan Sultan in Chinatown. You can read more about it in my email to you. Welcome to Kuala Lumpur and hope you'll enjoy your visit with us.

    1. hi, i am bella.
      i live in kl. i want to know about beas shop. could you recommend for me? abc123ua@naver.com

  3. Anonymous12:24 AM

    hi happy surfer
    could you tell me where to get beads to make jewellry from in kl? i visit next month and like to buy in wholesale beads to make my own stuff. any ideas???


  4. Hi Vicky, thanks for visiting.

    Macy is still the place to buy beads for your jewellery. They have a great variety. You would be able to check out other paraphernalia associated with making bead jewellery. If you are also into knitting and crochet, Macy has threads and wool too. For tailors and dress-makers, they have buttons, zips, etc. In fact, Macy is THE resource center in Kuala Lumpur for hobbyists and crafts-people.

    Welcome to Malaysia and happy shopping! While you are there, you might want to visit Chinatown.

    Petaling Street, the heart of Chinatown is just a stone's throw away. Please check out the directions on the email I sent you.

  5. Hi Happy Surfer,

    I am going to visit KL next month. Could you please let me know where to get beads in KL?
    The place you mentioned in Chinatown, could you help to provide direction? Do you know their opening times?


  6. Hi Alex, below is the address of Macy.

    Macy Sdn Bhd03-20781459
    No. 111, Jln Sultan, 50000, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan

    It's very easy to find Macy. The thing to remember is the street name which is "Jalan Sultan". Jalan is the local language (Malay) for street or road. Where you are coming from, Macy is located near the beginning of Jalan Sultan on your left. If you are taking a cab, tell the taxi driver the street name or show him the full address and shop name. Better still get your hotel concierge to hail you a cab and have him tell the taxi driver your destination.

    Most shops here open around 9 or 10am and close at around 9 or 10 at night. When you are in KL, you can call them to confirm. I've provided the tel number above. Calling domestic, you can drop the preceding 03. Hope the above helps. Let me know if you need more info. Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Alex.

  7. Anonymous2:57 PM

    can you please email me the shops that sell beads in KL cause I'm going there soon. thanks.


  8. Hi, I love beading too but the problem is I can't find anywhere to buy beads that are not moonlight crystals. I know they're famous to use for beading but I want other types too. Can you email me shops in KL that sells all kinds of beads besides Macy? I want the address to Lallete too. Thanks :)


  9. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Hey!! I waswondering where can you find beads in Selangor? And also where to get the supplies (such as pliers, beading board, etc, etc)? Please, please reply!!!

    Regards, Aisya (aisya_nadia7890@hotmail.com)

  10. Vivien3:07 AM

    dear Happysurfer

    i would also love to have the list of shops selling beads and charms in both KL and Penang. me too having problem finding shops which sells them and i need help. i would also love to know the location of this Lallete place that u mentioned. Ur help will be much appreciated. do email me. thanks!


  11. I like the idea of making the jewelry using beads. But I wanted to know what kind of beads I will have to choose.

  12. Anonymous7:50 PM

    can i know which shop that sells beads similar too the bead boutique?i really want to have reserved...

  13. Anonymous6:27 PM

    check out beading.com.my for supplies of beads and stuff

  14. Hi there HappySurfer,
    i've been trying hard to find some ceramic skull beads in KL area for a project of mine. Any suggestions as to where i can get them?