Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baskin-Robbins Ice-Cream Promotion

Today is the 24th of the month and in exactly seven days from today, people will be queuing up at Baskin-Robbins ice-cream cafes in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, even Genting Highlands. I know, because my friends queue up for their Rum & Raisin flavour come 31st.

On 31st of each month, you get a 31% discount (for handpack/takeaway only) at Baskin-Robbins when you produce a coupon like the one below.

"31" is symbolic. Baskin-Robbins is known for its "31 flavors". Their founders, Burt Baskins and Irv Robbins, believed that people should be able to sample flavors until they found one they wanted to buy ― hence the iconic small pink spoon.(Wikipedia)

So if you enjoy Baskin-Robbins ice-cream, the next time you visit a Baskin-Robbins cafe, be sure to ask them for a 31% BR coupon. In the meantime, below are their current promotions. Just print them out (black & white accepted) and bring them to Baskin-Robbins for your favourite flavour. Offer valid until 15 September.


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I didn't know the story behind the pink spoon. I think it's a great idea to have the discount come 31st of the month. The one flavour that I love is green tea, which I know is not very popular but nevertheless I never get tired of it.

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I thought the 31 represent one flavor everyday, They want customers to be able to try new flavor everyday for a month (if anybody goes there for a month, of course ... :D I know I would!

  3. MBL, me neither until I wiki'd it. I'd need to try out that green tea flavour.

    Andie, LOL!! Logical thinking though.

  4. remember they used to give free ice cream on bdays... haha. maybe ill get a baskin this 31 to celebrate! :)