Thursday, July 31, 2008

Win A book -- 50+1 Malaysia

Of late, I started to appreciate books on Malaysia. Recently, I bought a gem of a book about Malaysia. What influenced the purchase was its contents. The book covers the history of Malaysia (then Malaya), the events, the people, the places, and everything else that time has forgotten. It is an insightful book, one to be treasured. This book is on Malaysia Past.

Among the books on Malaysia that I have is one commissioned by the government some years back, specially put together by a foreign company in collaboration with companies (MNCs included) featured in the book. This book was published in conjunction with Malaysia's Vision 2020, not sold in bookstores but issued based on sponsorships. This book is Malaysia Future.

I have a book on Malaysia Past and one on Malaysia Future. What I need now is a book on Malaysia Present.

There is currently a book, 50+1 Malaysia, that is hot from the press, just as we speak, and should be in the bookstores in a day or two.

This must-have locally-produced publication for all Malaysians and visitors alike, is the brainchild of QuaChee. If you recall, QuaChee is the mastermind of Batik Inspirations which I did a mini-reivew of.

For RM51/-, this 50+1 Malaysia book is a steal. But even better, this book can be yours for only RM35/- if you buy it online. However, there is still a better offer.

If you want it for free, QuaChee is generously giving away 100 books to deserving bloggers. All you have to do to win a copy is to blog about what you like about Malaysia, be it food, places, people, whatever. Below is how the 50+1 Malaysia book look like. Interested enough to win a copy?

Now, what do I like about Malaysia? What warms me up when I think of this land I call home? Without a doubt, I like the freedom. Within the law and politics aside, I can do practically anything, go anywhere, eat whatever I like, wherever I like, at any time I like. The world is your oyster! Is that what they say?

I can't wait to get a hold of this 50+1 Malaysia book. I know I will have to buy it if I don't win a copy and I know too, it will have a special place among my other treasures because 50+1 Malaysia, this Malaysia Present, will complete my collection of Malaysia Trilogy - Malaysia Past, Malaysia Present, Malaysia Future.


  1. So next year there will be 50+2. But the addition will be mainly on Malaysia's 'exciting' politics :-(

  2. i like Malaysia because it has Petronas Twin Towers even though i didn't get to go up skybridge the last time i was there.

    i like Malaysia because it has a theme park on Genting Highlands.

    i like Malaysia because it has a long North South Highway for driving on and dozing off on.

    i like Malaysia because in KL, there is Berjaya Times Square which has an indoor roller coaster. My wife and i took the ride 3 times in a row. i will definitely take the ride again the next time i go to Berjaya Times Square.

    Malaysia boleh!

  3. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Great to hear you have a collection of Msia in the past and the future. An addition of the present will nicely complete your collection.

  4. KS, that is something for QuaChee to work on, I suppose.

    MB, glad you like Malaysia for so many good reasons. A foreign friend once said that of all the places he has been too, he still thinks the Petronas Twin Towers are the most awesome towers he has ever seen. He has taken tons of pictures of the towers.

    The next time you visit, you must go up to the skybridge. You must.

    Did you know there is another huge theme park in KL? It's the one at Sunway Lagoon. It's got a wet and a dry park and even the dry theme park is much bigger than the one at Berjaya Times Square. I am positive you and your wife will like it more than the one at Berjaya Times Square. Put it on your schedule for the next visit.

    MBL, most certainly. Keeping fingers crossed. LOL!