Monday, July 14, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Public Transportation

Mocking Bird's query of the monorail to Parliament House in the previous post on Massive Jams triggered this post. Below is the layout of the various public transportation routes and how they link to each other (or not in some cases). I wonder why I did not put this up sooner when I have been having it all along. hmm...

In Kuala Lumpur, getting around using public transportation is pretty easy. Besides the taxis and buses plying the city and the suburbs and vice versa, there are four other types of public transportation. There is the KTM Komuter (basically, the train), two LRT (Light Rail Transit) lines, LRT 1, (STAR) and LRT2 (PUTRA), and the Monorail that plies within the city center.

Below is the layout (click to enlarge image) whose routes are color-coded for easy reference. Bring a copy of it along if you intend to visit Kuala Lumpur. It will come in handy.

Mocking Bird, as you can see, Parliament House is not accessible via any of these. You can only get their by cab but it is just a short distance from the city center.


  1. i enjoy the rides on your country's monorail system. pretty much hassle-free except the transfers from one line to another is quite a long walk, i have to say. Need to cross bridge and stuff. i have no idea when my next visit to KL will be though. Hopefully next year :)

  2. The ride goes through the city so there is a lot to see for the traveller. I agree about the less-than-perfect transition from one line to another.

    KL is just a 45-minute flight away from Sgp, you can come over any weekend. I have heard of Sgporeans coming every weekend to Genting Highlands and that's further than KL.

  3. the flight from singapore to KL may be only 45 minutes. But the transit time at both airports can easily add up to 2 hours. i would still prefer to take coach up if it's cheaper than flying.

  4. MB, indeed, the transit time can be a deterrent. Flights will never be cheaper if you add in the tax and fuel surcharge. A coach-ride could be rather enjoyable minus the length of the journey - something like 5-6 hours?

    Too bad, they scrapped the ERL linking KL to Sgp. That journey would only take 90 mins. Who knows! It might materialise, eh?

  5. Anonymous8:45 AM

    KL's public transportation needs major improvement.

  6. MBL, but I find the LRT and monorail not too bad except for the transit from one to the other. As for the taxis, with our jams, it's quite difficult to get one during peak hours. And for buses, beats me as I have not taken one in eons. LOL! I drive mostly.