Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beijing Olympics - 080808

A bird's eye view of the Bird's Nest

Exactly one month from today, the world would be focussing on Beijing, China, the venue of the Beijing Olympics 2008. The opening ceremony will be held at the new National Stadium dubbed the Bird's Nest for its design of a bird's nest. In the meantime, the city must almost be ready with its beautification efforts such as sprucing up its gardens as indicated in the following pictures.

Anyone planning to visit China from now until year-end would have to go through stringent measures in getting a visa.

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  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Two of my partners and five of our managers were planning to go last month. Only one got accepted on his visa application ... It used to be so easy .. anybody with a passport can go.

    I am particularly interested on the environmental issue they are trying so hard to resolve now ..

  2. Visa rules have been tightened. I guess the government is a bit paranoid (-_-")

  3. i heard news from radio that Beijing is still struggling to clear its polluted smoky air so that the blue sky can be seen during the Olympics.

  4. Andie, so did the one person go ahead without the rest?

    A lot more work needs done when it comes to environment issues over there. Huge challenge ahead.

    KS, when it comes to terrorism and people's lives, the govt is wise not to take any chances.

    Visa application now involves original invitation letter (if travelling on business) and bank statement if personal, plus others. Japan has also raised the bar on visas now.

    MB, colleagues of mine who have been to Beijing said the sky is mostly drab and being in the desert, it's rather dusty.

  5. cant wait for the games. lets hope this to be the grandest games ever! :)

    im looking for china to have good unbiased press reports. :)

  6. Let's hope this is treated as a sporting event, not a political event.