Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Comments on the Fuel Debate

So, did you watch the fuel debate last night? Interested to know what people think? Here's the link to the comments on the fuel debate last night, courtesy of 12bpatriotic.

In the meantime, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who has agreed to turn up at 2pm today to give his statement to the police, faces possible arrest if he fails to keep his word again. It is learnt that the police have obtained a warrant for his arrest following his failure to present himself to city police investigators on Monday...The Star.

The above is in connection with the sodomy case.


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Too much drama ...

    Happy Wednesday, Happy Surfer!

  2. it's ironic that the m'sian govt don't mind forking out billions in fuel subsidies but doesn't want to build a new railway track from north to south which costs considerably lesser than the amount they are spending to subsidise fuel. Fuel subsidy is a recurring item on the government's budget. If fuel price continues to rise further, such subsidy would even drive the government into budget deficit. Whereas having a high-speed north south railway track has long-lasting benefits and its construction is only a one-time cost.

  3. If Anwar becomes Malaysia's prime minister, to go against the current government's hike of fuel prices, he might rule that fuel be heavily subsidsed by the government again. Such a move would surely make him very popular with the paying masses, but would definitely cause the government to run into huge budget deficits.

  4. Hi Andie, hope you had a great Wed. Happy Thursday.

    MB, about the ERL, as a Malaysian benefitting from the fuel subsidy, I can relate to the govt's decision to put the general populace's interest over the ERL in which not every citizen may take benefit from, budget deficit aside. You do have a point there about it being a one-time spending though.

    Yep, with such a stand, he would be popular with the paying masses. Only time will tell if the stand stays when and if he's at the helm. New power and new scope of responsibility change mindset and actions.

  5. hi happysurfer

    i managed to watch the last part of the debate. i would say it was well debated.

    on things like the bullet train, actually, i thought that ytl is fully funding it?


  6. Hi Quachee, from the comments I read, DSAI won hands down - his arguments were more objective and more professionally delivered. Did you have the chance to go thru the comments? There is a link on this post. Check it out if you get time. Some of the comments are funny.

    I think you are right about YTL funding this. I followed the topic when it was in the papers. There are more considerations tied in to this and the govt has the last say, of course.

  7. hi happysurfer, did read a few comments from that link & also around the blogosphere.

    personally, like some of the reports in the press, i dont think its monetary wise that the bullet train is a no go. there are 'sosio-economic' issues. one has to look deeper & understand these issues.

    but i guess what malaysia need is to look across all areas and not just these issues. actually, its just like building the putrajaya, the twin towers, klia... or like taiwan building their bullet train or their taipei 101.

    there are bound to be 'money wastage' in that sense. but a long term benefit may appear.

    in any case, i guess malaysia is not ready for this yet. :)

    *sorry going off topic into bullet train instead lol

  8. Hi QC, your points are all valid. For us, the little people, we don't have a macro view enough to know everything. And I agree that Malaysia may not be ready for this yet.

    No worries, no derailment here. LOL! Happy weekend.