Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Female Anatomy and The Rooster

Have you ever experienced like, you intend to get a new car, that particular make, and suddenly you see lots of these cars on the road - which you hardly saw any previously? I'm feeling the same thing now. No, not the car but articles on that three-letter word, sex. Now, don't think dirty.

I recently posted about sex parties over New Year's in Kuala Lumpur and now I am seeing more articles in the papers about this topic. Way back when, the subject on sex is taboo but these days, you see so much talk about it. The dailies carry stories about it in relation to events and such, so I am posting one more relating to it. No, stick around, this is scientific stuff.

Kuala Lumpur or rather people in Malaysia are now more open about sexuality so much so that young girls are vocal about the subject and not afraid to admit getting into the action (ahem!) and we even had a famous scientist, Dr Beverly Whipple, here for the launch of Instead Softcup, the latest product in menstrual care and protection. (Read The Star article)

Dr Beverly Whipple demonstrates how to use the Instead Softcup with a plastic model of the female anatomy.

Whipple’s résumé is impressive. She has appeared on countless radio and TV programmes, magazines, delivered talks and keynote speeches, and published over 160 research articles and book chapters.

A professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, Whipple has a masters in nursing and counselling, and a PhD in psychobiology.

Have you heard of the G spot or Grafenberg spot? Well, Dr Whipple was responsible for co-naming it together with former collaborator, psychologist John D. Perry. This was in tribute to Dr Ernst Grafenberg who reported in 1950 that women have an erotic zone that causes orgasm.

What I am saying is that like attracts like. Which reminds me one time I posted a succession of posts relating to the rooster - just for laughs - someone jokingly pointed out my interest in the animal/fowl. LOL!

Talk about rooster, I found an old post dated Apr 2007. Not sure if I've posted it. Maybe not. Back then, perhaps I couldn't find the opportunity or maybe I didn't have the guts to?

This piece is a great exercise on the importance of good communication. You probably would have read this but, have another laugh, anyway..

Subject: A Rooster

A Priest lost his pet rooster and could not find it no matter how many times he checked around his parish. He loved his rooster so much that he wanted it back very hastily. Frustrated at not finding it, he decided to bring it up during his Sunday Mass. From the pulpit, he asked loudly:

I have something to ask all of you. I want you to tell me only the truth and nothing but the truth. Anyone here got a cock?

All the men inside the church stood up!

No, I mean, has anyone seen a cock?

All the women inside the church stood up. Disappointed at not having been able to express his question properly, he asked,

No no .....What I mean is, has anyone seen in the neighbourhood a cock which does not belong to them?

Half the women inside the church stood up.

Frustrated, the Priest asked them loudly again. All that I am asking is - has anyone seen MY cock?

All the nuns stood up! The Priest decided not to look for his rooster anymore.

Source unknown

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