Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Perigee Moon on Jan 10

I was looking forward last night to seeing the perigee moon in all its splendour but no such luck. It was a dark cloudy night and the moon was pale and intermittently obscured by the dark clouds floating by making it less than its perfect round shape.

Due to the dark cloudy sky, sighting the moon rise was not possible and when it was sighted, it was already overhead. Below are the shots I managed to take.

Jonathan Sabin of Florida noticed how dark the shadows were, so he took a picture of his own shadow instead.

Elsewhere around the world, the moon was beautiful. Check these out from

The full Moon rising above the snow covered California Sierra Nevada Mountains

From Colorado

From Chennai, India, with a clear blue sky and a lake nearby

From Algeria

From the Alps, France - Note the plane crossing in front of the Moon

This one is beautiful taken in Southern Germany on a very cold wintry yesterday morning of -17 °C/+1.4 °F

Ice-skating in Netherlands with the perigee moon above

This is from Hungary

And this is one of two submissions from Malaysia, from Martin Carvalho of Malacca. Martin had this to say:

It was a quaint coincidence that the Full Moon was up during the launching of the ceremony to light up traditional Chinese lanterns along Malacca's Jonker Street, the city's 18th Century Dutch era quarter. The moon in the cloudless sky seem to blend well the red Chinese lanterns..

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  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Beautiful images of the moon!

  2. Yeah, it's little wonder that people moon over the moon, eh? Some months the moon looks really awesome in our sky and those times, you wish you have your camera with you to capture the moment. Glad you like the pictures, MBL.

  3. I saw a bright FULL moon (almost) on Friday late evening in here, but on Sat. ---- NO

    Hey, I felt that pic. from California Sierra Nevada Mountains missed something--A riding bicycle? ET phone home!!!^_^

  4. PP, you did? QuaChee managed to see it last night, Sunday. I think there is one tonight too considering it's the 15th day of the lunar calendar. Am I right?

    LOL! Yes, ET wanted to phone home. It still chokes me up today watching the movie.

    So, how are you, PP? Hope the new year started well for you.

  5. Thanks for your wishing H.S. Did you see that full moon finally there?

    But it seems a tough year to me. I need to make an important decision. I am standing in an intersect of Life, don't know go to the right or left direction.+_+

  6. Aww, PP. I am sure you will be able to make the right decision and everything will work out. I wish you well, always.

    No, I did not manage to venture out on the 15th to see the moon - too engrossed online. ;)

  7. How come the moon look so much nicer in other countries?

  8. Because we are not in that country lor! LOL! =)

  9. Foong, they are nearer to the Moon, mah.

    T, something like the Moon is brighter on the other side? haha..