Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happily Frozen In Time

First things first, Happy New Year!! May You and Your Loved Ones have the best year ever and may you achieve whatever you set out to do! So, where did you do your countdown?

I stayed away from town to avoid the traffic jams everywhere as some roads were closed to traffic. There was one year we went down to Bintang Walk and man-oh-man we had to park so faraway and walked but it was nice soaking in the festive atmosphere.

It is one thing to experience the fun but quite another to be jostling among sweaty bodies. You wonder, where do these people come from?! It's cool if you like crowds and body contact. Yeah! It would be awesome to have everyone frozen in place at the exact same time while you breeze through the crowd - something like what they did at New York's Grand Central Station, whose mission has been executed the past six years. A lady with a banana? Other actions.. Take a look. It's wild.

Wait a minute! Could that be Jackie Chan at 0:13? Check it out!

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