Monday, January 19, 2009

Malls come alive for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just a week away. Everywhere in town, it is crowded as people of Chinese descent go about their shopping in preparation for the celebration. The exodus back to the home-town has started. The Puduraya bus depot is bustling with activity.

Malls and shops are packed with shoppers. There are new clothes, shoes and other personal items to be bought as the Chinese believe that the new year should come with it new things, down to undergarments. Red is the colour for Chinese New Year, so expect to see a lot of red during this time of the year though these days, parents are not so particular about it and black is part of the new year wardrobe.

Chinese New Year is a time for family reunions and gatherings and too a meeting of friends and their families. Homes will be open and nicely decorated with New Year paraphernalia like scrolls depicting blessings and good words, red lanterns put up as well as other decorations. Lime or kumquat plants are a significant part of the home decoration so are longevity bamboos and pussy-willows, all decked with little ornaments of wealth and prosperity.

Shopping complexes or malls too make it a point to be decked up for this auspicious occasion which marks the first fifteen days of the new Lunar year. I have not gone around to the malls but let me share with you some mall decorations - images courtesy of The Star.

Let me take this opportunity to wish Chinese readers and everyone else, a Happy, Healthful and Prosperous New Year of the Ox which promises to be a good year generally.


Unique: Pavilion Kuala Lumpur invites the public to touch its Golden Bull for luck at its Bintang Entrance.

Festive sight: Sungei Wang Plaza’s theme for the Ox-Picious Spring Festival.

Colourful: Chinese New Year decorations at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Simple: Suria KLCC decorations use traditional Chinese red lanterns to symbolise the New Year.



  1. Actually, I don't really feel the CNY mood this year. Either I'm older now or I'm still clinging to the Christmas mood last year! Haha!

    Went to 1Utama last week - found their CNY deco very minimum! Wonder what happened!

  2. I think you are not the only one, Foong. You can see there is a general lack of an air of festivity this year and people are spending less. Normally around this time (a week away), the better cookies would have been sold out but not this year. People are just not buying them.

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Traffic's been quite bad for the past few days...I dread after office hours coz the roads leading home jammed up. Looking fwd to hassle free driving next week when people already back home for the celebration!

  4. Haha! I'm one of those who are not buying butter cookies this year! Just got a bit bored with cookies - anyone coming to my house will have to be satisfied with just arrowheads and mandarin oranges and Chinese tea. LOL!

  5. MBL, KL will be so peaceful next week. :)

    You lost me, Foong. What's arrowheads?

  6. wonderful shots! i particularly like the bsc one :)