Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Lighting Brings Good Chi

At the hairdresser's the other day, I picked up the latest copy of Lilian Too's magazine. Though I did not have the chance to finish the entire magazine, I managed to read a few good articles about dreams and beliefs, 2009 being a good year for Rabbit people, apartment-living, what to do for Period 8 (for twenty years after Feb 4, 2004) to improve your life, health and wealth and a few others. Also, 2009 is a year of weak earth and strong water. Should we expect more landslides and such?

Some people do not believe in feng shui but I believe there is truth in this science. Just don't go overboard. This again is subjective. Everything in moderation, I say. By the way, lighting plays an important role in feng shui. A space must be adequately lit to invite good chi. Now you know.


  1. Yes, lighting do play a part in fengshui, but I think I prefer to listen to Joey Yap when it comes to fengshui. Still, I'm going for Lillian Too's talk in KL Convention Centre in Jan next year just to listen to her jokes! She's quite funny! : )

  2. Joey Yap's feng shui is traditional feng shui and less costly perhaps as he does not require you to buy amulets and stuff. Yes, Lilian Too is very entertaining. I have yet to attend her talk but I have seen her on tv. She makes her audience laugh. Have you booked your place yet? She normally gives an early bird rate. Have fun, Foong.

  3. i like it bright :)

  4. Me too when and where it matters..