Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A company called Zappos

How is your office like? Are you surrounded by spaciousness and lush greenery or squeezed in between racks of files and other knick-knacks? Does your office have a popcorn machine or a dance machine in the lobby..

Or an Elvis in the office..

How about a lineup of shoes..

Or your favourite rubber duckies..

Large bowls of snacks..

Or a workstation of your favourite things..

Or your CEO in a cube with a nametag that looks as creative as this..

Hard to imagine all these, isn't it? But not so for employees of this company..

For more pictures, go here..

A little about, from Wikipedia...
" is an electronic commerce company specializing in footwear and is currently based in Henderson, Nevada, USA. The company warehouse is located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, along with an outlet store. In addition, Zappos has two outlet stores in Las Vegas, Nevada and Henderson, Nevada.

Since its founding in 1999, Zappos has grown to be the biggest online shoe store. Zappos did "almost nothing" in sales for 1999, but grossed over $800 million in merchandise sales in 2007, and is projecting over $1 billion in 2008."

I read that they hit the $1 billion mark on Cyber Monday, Dec 1. Employees gathered at a bar around a laptop showing sales for the day minute-by-minute, like New Year's. That was also a Zappos record day in gross sales.

The name Zappos is derived from the Spanish word zapatos, meaning shoes.

If you have a say at designing or restructuring your office, how would you like your office to be or to have?


  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I would love to have an office like that. Especially LOVE the number in sales.

    I would like my office to have a karaoke room and an open bar! :D

  2. If i have my say over how my office is to be, i would want my bed right next to my workstation so i can take power naps as and when i need them :p

    It would be great too if my workstation could be adjusted upwards so i can work, standing. The reason why we feel like dozing off is when we sit down, our blood circulation to our head, especially after lunch, is poor. Standing up would definitely help us to stay awake at work :p

  3. How about this treadmill workstation? You can walk and work at the same time. Can't possibly doze off while walking, can you? :p

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM

    My office's the opposite of everything that Zappos has to offer. Culture makes the difference too. Would be nice working in such a relaxed environment!

  5. Similar concept as Google, or Malaysia's DiGi.

    MBF likes to work 'in such a relaxed environment', but I guess they only hire the best brains.

  6. im clearing my home office to make it more conducive. i hope that my home office will be quite neat & have a good atmosphere for me and staffs - and hopefully a place for meetings (meeting room) + a studio :)

  7. Reminds me of Peter Pan singing "I won't grow up". :)

  8. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Hmm..why KS thinks I am not in the same league as those "with the best brains"? Sounds sarcastic...coming from somone I hardly even know.

  9. Jun, an open bar? Woot!! LOL!

    Mockingbird, your wish is interesting. You'd like to take power naps (cool term), at the same time be allowed to work standing up to stay awake. Your boss would go, "Make up your mind, Man!" LOL! Still, cool!

  10. Mockingbird, I don't know about this treadmill workstation. Reading the papers and walking at the same time is possible but working and walking simultaneously? I doubt this fad will stay on. What do you think?

    MBL, your office is not alone. Probably 99.99% of offices here are like that, like yours and mine. Zappos's concept is liberal and radical but, it works for them.

  11. KS, I know about Google but Malaysia's Digi too? Interesting.

    I'm not too sure what you mean by the second part but I know that MBF is no longer around? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    QC, whatever works to make it more conducive is a good thing. Way to go!

  12. PandaB, LOL!

    MBL, cheer up. I'm sure KS didn't mean it that way. Eh, KS?