Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping at Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Tesco Malaysia has recently been awarded Best Hypermarket or something like that. Supermarkets and hypermarkets here have in a big way affected the small sundry shops run on single or two shoplots.

Many like me prefer to shop in supermarkets and hypermarkets for several reasons, a couple of which are, the wide variety of items and turnover being higher, items are more fresh. The one single issue that bugs me shopping in a bigger concern is the queue at checkout counters. That is why I normally pay an hour or so before closing time so as to avoid the queue. God forbid should there be a power failure. Their barcode scanners and cash registers won't work.


  1. i like hypermarkets when its not crowded. the weekend crowd really turns me off haha. i usually prefer the weekdays where the big lanes are less crowded, and truly enjoy the shopping :)

  2. I love to go Tesco - my favourite hypermarket! Glad that it was awarded the best hypermarket! But I only go there during non peak periods, can't stand long queue! : )

  3. QC, thank goodness for 'express lanes' where the items do not exceed 8 or 10 in number.

    Foong, I have no favourite but Jusco and Carrefour are where I normally go to.