Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Frolics - What Kind of Soup Are You?

I love soups, especially those that are in the stockpot simmering for hours over a low or medium fire. This is how Chinese soups are normally prepared though these days, canned soups have become quick fix-it replacements. If soups tell who we are, then what soup are you?

HappySurfer Is Miso Soup

You are worldly and well traveled. You have lived a lot of life, and you know there is a lot more to see!

You are very interested in new experiences, especially new literary and cultural experiences.

You have a refined palate and love many exotic tastes. You get used to "acquired tastes" fairly easily.

For you, soup doesn't have to be a meal. You can appreciate a simple soup any time.

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  1. Good, old miso soup! A staple in my transplanted Japanese life!

    As for me, I'm minestrone:

    You are a spontaneous person. You don't make or follow rules. You just go with your gut.
    You're eager to go wherever life takes you. If something doesn't work out, at least you've learned.

    Nutrition and eating healthy is very important to you. You eat your veggies.
    That being said, you're not a picky eater. You like all foods.

    What a coincidence! I love minestrone soup!

  2. I have only recently started liking miso soup. My fav used to be minestrone. That was before all the other fanciful soups came along. But I can never forget the chicken soup I had in South Island, NZ. It was thick and nice with lots of ingredients including celery and mushrooms and it was served in a big soup bowl - could have been a meal by itself. It kept me warm on that late winter day.

  3. this one is funny happysurfer! haha. if we do a msian one we have sup kambing, chinese herbal soup, and many more chinese soups! haha

    btw for me it depends on the day. somedays i like heavy soups. other times i like clear soups :)

  4. Hey, have you tried the quiz? I don't know the range of soups available here. Who knows, you might get your sup kambing (mutton soup). LOL!

    Yeah, our preference changes. Thank goodness for choices, eh?