Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is Warren Buffett Insane?

Catchy title, eh? I came across this interesting article from The Motley Fool. If you recall, I posted about Warren Buffett's call to buy American stocks awhile back. That sure was a bold prediction and with banks failing, credit markets deadlocked, unemployment skyrocketing, you would think Warren Buffett must really be insane.

On the other hand, this is Warren Buffett, and he's made these sorts of predictions before.

Talk about buying shares, I wonder if online trading is a better option than the regular way of calling up your stock-broker. What do you think?


  1. Yes.

    Next question, please.

  2. stock brockers are suppose to give you reports & advise. if we buy on ourselves, we should be well informed.

    but in both ways, we are the decision maker still.

  3. Panadbonium's sure way to make a million dollars in today's investment environment:

    1) Start with $2 Million.

  4. LOL, MM. I suppose a person with a bottomless stash of that good green stuff can afford to be that - insane. But then again, it is just natural that what goes down must surely come up - and vice versa. It is just a matter of time and patience.

    QC, that's true.

    PandaB, which reminds me of this joke.

    Lady: My husband became a millionaire after he married me.

    Friend: What was he before that?

    Lady: Two-millionaire.