Saturday, December 13, 2008

Need A Lawyer?

With the economy at what it is today, I read recently that even lawyers in the US are advertising their services. In reality, every business needs some form of advertising and marketing to get the business noticed. Some spend millions, others on a smaller, cheaper scale.

When it comes to smaller and cheaper scale, the method that comes to mind is by way of distributing company promotional products to spread the word. We get goodie bags at functions often stuffed with a few of these - coffee mugs, toys, key-chains, key-tags, notebooks and notepads, stationery-holders, coasters, t-shirts, caps, decals, torchlights, vehicle sunshades, purses and wallets, towels, scarves, totebags, perfume, beauty and skincare products, beverage sachets, the ubiquitous pens, you name it. The list is endless and consumers in turn get reminded of the services available. Oh yes, this method does work too.


  1. Yeah! Now that the economy is really there's so much competition..being able to reach to your prospects is all that matters right now! =)

  2. T, the end justifies the means, eh?