Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Memory, Anyone?

Is your memory failing and perhaps need a memory boost? I read with interest an article claiming that card-games, Sudoku and crossword puzzles are no longer adequate in boosting one's memory or to slow down memory deterioration. There are many sources where brain training exercises are available. They range from self-help books to computer games.

In the past, memory is what we associate with our brain and neurons but in this time and age, memory most times refer to that of computers and other contemporary playthings. So, a common question could be "How much memory would you need?", which decades ago, would seem irrelevant.


  1. Anonymous3:25 AM

    I have been reading the book Mind Map for months and can't seem to go past the first chapter of the exercise. They are so difficult, almost impossible for me to do.

    Maybe we don't need to have too much "internal" memory these days - we have gadgets to do that for us. But it is nice to improve memory. Kind of embarrassing when children can memorize more things than I can :)

  2. Mind Map - the one I'm familiar with is by Tony Buzan. I love the colourful mindmaps and the creativity. Mind maps are great memory tools but require some practice though. Enjoy your book.