Thursday, March 20, 2008

1000 Places To See Before You Die

"1000 Places To See Before You Die". Sound familiar? This is a 2003 travel book that has been made into a Discovery Travel series that suggests and brings viewers to 1000 well-chosen places to visit in one's lifetime.

This is exactly what a friend and his wife are aiming to do having visited places like Scandinavian countries where they joined a cruise along fiords and coming up real close to icebergs; taking in places like the Mediterranean coastlines as well as other European countries, various parts of China including taking the route of the Silk Road and many others. Theirs is really a life of luxury vacations, blue skies and all things nice.


  1. yes, I agree

    too many places, too little time.

    but I did have the great fortune of revisiting my love for sakura..

    and knowing that you like it too, I have posted more pics for u.


  2. I am looking for that book!! Where to find it I wonder? buy online?

  3. Robin, thank you for the lovely thought. Those pictures are awesome!

    Yes, being able to revisit a place to see something you love is indeed a great fortune.

    And so true about too many places, too little time. I guess the beauty of life is to have us motivated enough to achieve more.

  4. Hi Trinity, good to have you visit. Welcome!

    I remember seeing it in MPH here but I suppose you can buy it online. Try Amazon.