Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yummy Snacks No More!

The enlightening article below was recently published in a local daily. It has been revealed that some hawkers selling crispy snacks are using oil containing dissolved or rather molten plastic or PVC from straws and water bottles.

The authorities are now on the case. In the meantime, I am so not eating these fried and crispy snacks. Thank you very much.

Click on image to read.


  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Oh goodness. That is so not cool. We sell a lot of fried snacks everyday but never once I heard of such a thing.

    That is horrible. We should take care of what we eat. Garbage in, garbage out indeed!

  2. No more goreng pisang for me... but KFC how?!!!!

  3. Andie, apparently this started in Thailand (ikan bilis - anchovies) and then got picked up in the northern states of Malaysia. Oh dear, I've been eating plastics all this while as a friend used to bring me those ikan bilis when she visits from Thailand. And they taste really good! eeky!!

    LB, fortunately, not every hawker is doing it. Maybe your goreng pisang vendor is straight. Talk about goreng pisang, Madam Kwan (KLCC) serves pretty good goreng pisang (at 10x the price of the machik, of course!)