Monday, March 31, 2008

The Pianist

Of the five senses, which one would you rate as the most important? To me, I'd rate sight as the most important of our senses. I think I'd be really lost to not be able to see.

Just this morning, I learned of a colleague (in his mid-twenties), who lost the sight of his left eye while playing rugby in school. He was a teenager then.

When he came back from his studies overseas, he tried driving a car but was involved in an accident and since then, his family would not let him drive. He now takes public transport. At least he still has one good eye. Some people are born blind though blindness is sometimes not a deterrent to great achievements. The following is an inspiration. (Get your Kleenex ready.)


  1. Yes, eyesight is so essential even if most people take it for granted.. but can you imagine if you lost the feeling for senses? No feeling? Never hot, never cold.. Hmm, might not be a bad thing though! LOL, never again heartbreaks?

  2. Anonymous10:20 PM

    I don't think I can decide. All are important.

    Lets take a moment to cherish what we have now (and fail to appreciate)

    *going through the third kleenex*

  3. LB, yes, that's bad too. Not being able to feel heat nor pain. That's dangerous.

    Never again heartbreaks? No love? How can! Oh, you must be referring to zombies. lol

  4. Anonymous4:08 PM

    All sense are important for me!! I would not consider myself compete without any one of these. Magnetic Air Filter Grille