Friday, March 14, 2008

Investment Strategies

The Malaysian bourse went south the day after the election but has picked up since. The wiser experienced investors or retailers would have made a profit or maybe a tidy sum picking up the better stocks.

What about those who are not so well-versed in investment strategies? Experts have time and time again advised against dabbling in stocks without a good understanding of the fundamentals. The better alternative would be to invest in something more concrete and more tangible such as silver or other precious metals.

Did you know that Monex Deposit Company (MDC) can help you purchase silver or other precious metals for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository? Their experts are trained to grow your wealth or at least ensure your financial resources are hedged against inflation and currency fluctuations to preserve your wealth.


  1. Gold has topped US$1000/oz.

  2. Reason enough to invest in precious metals, eh?