Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is Today Your Birthday?

It has been said that the day you were born has a bearing on your character. Some cultures believe that. Do you?

Today is the 10th. Is it your birthday today? If it is or if you were born on the 1, 19 or 28, this old post on Numerology might interest you. (I have no idea how I got to this old post. Thought I'd repost it.)

Your Psyche or Nature Number is 1
Your Personality and Traits
- You have a strong mind and body. You are attractive to members of opposite sex. You love to lead your life on your own terms. ....Continue reading...


  1. i was born on the 14th, anything for me? :p

  2. LOL! Actually, I picked that up from here but looks like that section of the site is down on maintenance.

  3. Hey interesting info hehe =)

  4. Hi Jinjin, thanks for visiting. Do you have a website I can visit? Your profile is not showing up.

  5. I believe not only the day but also the time you were born that would affect your character and destiny. That's why the Chinese believe in Bazi (8 characters). I've my Bazi read once, and it was very eye opening for me.

  6. Foong, yes, Bazi. You have yours read? Wow!

    I think I'll just stick to not knowing. Come what may.