Monday, September 15, 2008

I am not a Redhead/Foreigner (gua mm si ang moh lang)

Every now and again, my site stats show a string of keywords that I think nothing of as I am familiar with the words. No, they are not English words but romanized words of a local dialect, Hokkien.

The keywords showed up again today, so I thought I'd Google it and see which post of mine is deserving of this search. I found it but what is surprising is that it's ranked at the top spot, even ahead of Kenny Sia's site. For those not familiar with Kenny Sia. He is Malaysia's very own celebrity blogger. He is in Kuching, I believe.

Without further ado, for my regular and longer-time blog-buddies, let's revisit the post for another round of laughter, and for my new blog-buddies, enjoy gua mm si ang moh lang


  1. Anonymous3:22 AM

    Ah, the funny ways people came to our blog. I have wrote about some hilarious keywords people used to come to my blog some time ago too. See here. LOL

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    A fun read! I am not Hokkien but I do understand some of the words..actually quite similar to Hainanese (and I am one)...:)

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  4. That was fun! And it was good reading that poem again!

    So what does "mm" mean in Hokkien, anyway...?

    Behold the word and the wit,
    Juxtaposed, given rhythm to fit.
    Though it's lost in translation,
    Language, such a sensation!
    Wo bu DOANG...but I do enjoy it!

  5. Hie, my 1st time here. Very funny I have to say though I dunno hokkien! =)

  6. it's fun knowing all the different dialects. Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, etc. The more dialects you know, the more curse and swear words you understand :p

  7. Yes, it's very funny. I think I read it in an email someone sent me before. I like how it rhymes with IKEA and Nokia : )

  8. Congratulations for being ranked at the top.. how does it feel like? Humour is good for health.

  9. CC, LOL, that's a hilarious post. Yeah, all sorts of things people are googling. The person looking for 'sexy partner in kl or kuala lumpur' would be sorely disappointed when he comes to my site. LOL!

    MBL, you know what? Of all the mainstream dialects, Hainanese is the one I don't know. Is Hokkien really quite similar to Hainanese?

  10. Run with the wave, hi? Thanks for the link. I sure will check out your place when I next go to Penang.

  11. MM, LOL, cute this one! Wo bu DOANG..." What you are using here is actually Mandarin, but no matter.

    What does mm mean?
    It means not or don't or negative as in

    Gua mm si ang moh lang which translates to
    I am not a foreigner

    Here's the actual pronunciation:

    Gua - as is
    mm - as is too
    si - pronounced as 'see'
    ang - pronounced as 'ung'
    moh - pronounced as 'morh'
    lang - pronounced as 'lung' meaning person

    ang morh - literally means redhead but figuratively means caucasian foreigner. Oh there are terms for Africans and South-Western Asians, etc.

    Gua is 'I' but you already know that.

    Enough for now, perhaps. Let's get on with the word verification, shall we?

    Man is so smart
    Even coined a word for fart
    Everywhere languages are used
    Vastly modified, even abused
    Jokes too have their own part

  12. Hi Tekkaus, yeah funny alright. Hokkien is easy to learn. Want lessons? Kidding.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  13. Mockingbird, so true and it could even save you from embarrassing moments such as using a word wrongly in a different dialect.

    Double-edged sword here, actually. You know too much, you blush or cringe equally much when people think you don't know the dialect and the bad words keep flying and increasing in intensity. Aiyoh! You don't know whether to stick around or leave the place.

  14. Foong, yeah, these things normally come in the mail and not just once, afterall good things are repeatedly being forwarded. Isn't it wonderful that laughter doesn't go out of style?

  15. Hi there, Joe, so good to have you back here.

    Thanks! How does it feel to be ranked top for that keyword? hehe.. The firs time of that happening was an awesome feeling but these days, the novelty has waned somewhat as more and more keywords get ranked either top or top ten. They still are. But, yes, it is still a good feeling to have your site listed top among the thousands for the particular keyword.

    Certainly, laughter is the best medicine - as research has shown.

    Hope you are doing well, Joe.