Thursday, September 25, 2008

Faucets in Feng Shui

Not everyone believe in Feng Shui. But really, there is nothing to believe or not to believe, as Feng Shui principles are in part based on practicality. We are actually practising the principles without even knowing it.

For instance, clutter in Feng Shui is discouraged as it stagnates the 'chi' or energy in a space. Even if one does not believe in Feng Shui, clutter is also discouraged in one's living or work area for practical reasons.

Another example is a leaking faucet. In Feng Shui, a leaking faucet is a sign of the inclination of wasting money or losing wealth slowly but surely. As a norm, we would get a leaking faucet fixed so that water is not wasted nor the dripping of water become disturbing which could disturb the peace.


  1. feng shui has many good reasoning. but just dont overdo :) on this one, agree, its good not to waste unecessarily.

  2. QC, I agree. I may be passionate about a lot of things but there is a limit to everything. Hey, I'm grounded. Don't worry lah. LOL! Thanks, all the same.