Sunday, September 28, 2008

Memories to last a lifetime!

Generally for a birthday, everyone has an inclination to the type of gifts to give. The common gifts would normally be toys and gadgets, books, clothing and accessories and the like. For a change, ever thought of giving something different, something personalized, something so memorable that it'll last a lifetime?

I came across this personalized gifts store whose gifts will surely wow any kid, any adult too for that matter. They have hundreds of amazing personalized gifts to choose from, from Photo Personalized NFL Posters to Disney Plates, each is sure to bring joy to anyone in your life, big or small!

You can even personalize a story on a DVD or a storybook with your child's photo on it. How cool is that! Of course, there are personalized gifts for adults as well. Check it out!


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  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    i think a storybook with your child's photo is nice..with a lifestory of the child! :)

    Gift giving is becoming creative these days.

  3. Wondering who is going to do the 'personalization'? The service provider or the customer?

  4. MB, yeah, I thought so too.

    MBL, that would really be for keeps a life-time. Gift-giving does involve some thinking and ingenuity, doesn't it?

    KS, it's stated as the service-provider. You just need to give them the details they need to put together the personalized gift.