Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do Fishes Sleep?

When mothers get together they talk about babies, fathers talk shop, pet-owners talk about their pets and girlfriends? They gossip and exchange notes... Oops! Scratch the last bit and let's talk about pets instead.

Did you know that some people keep fish to prevent their home from being burgled? In this part of the world where charms are still used to put home-residents into a tranced sleep, it is believed that if there is anything that is wide awake at all times, the charm will not work. So what animal does not sleep or does not appear to be sleeping? The fish, of course. That is why people keep an aquarium of fishes inside the home.

I have friends who have pet dogs are sometimes in a dilemma when they are planning a trip. They need to get someone to take care of their pets. Some would even send pets and pet beds along to their friends or relatives' home. So much for living a carefree life. To each his own, of course.


  1. When we go on a trip, K's parents and sister come over every day to feed and walk Momo the Wonderdog. My daughter lives in the USA and takes her pooch to a doggy "resort" when she goes on vacation - her doggy gets well taken care of, including swimming and outdoor play time.

  2. I didn't know people keep fishes to prevent their homes from being burgled. I only knew some people keep fishes to prevent bad luck or misfortune.
    Yes, a bit of a hassle for dog owners when they need to go on a long trip. Either they let their relative or friends take care of the dogs, or place their pet dogs in a dog hotel, which is not exactly cheap.

  3. I thing I have watched a HK movie where this fish actually alerted his owner that someone is in the house. Ha =)

    Now that you mentioned, perhaps I could rear a fish to make my home safer huh! =)

  4. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I think they do sleep..with eyes open.

  5. PandaB, Momo is so lucky.

    We don't have that many doggy resorts here, unfortunately.

    Foong, not only dogs but any pet for that matter. Yeah, people keep fish for fengshui reasons too and people also release fishes to improve karma.

  6. Tekkaus, that must have been an interesting movie.

    ..perhaps I could rear a fish to make my home safer huh!

    Not unless there have been many cases of break-ins where the residents have been charmed.

    MBL, they do, huh? And moving at the same time, eh? Some smart fish. LOL!