Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lost but Never To Be Found

The world is such an unsafe place. Just before the fasting month, a friend lost his car in a parking lot in a shopping complex. We also have highway robbery of cars where someone rams your car or let you ram into his and along comes another car to either steal your car or rob you.

The highway authorities must have got wind of some of these crooks that they have issued a list of vehicles for the public to be aware of. Their advice is for you to proceed to a police station if you are being followed by any of these vehicles:

Number plates
WFK 6929
WHN 8719
BWB 9325
BEB 8734
BEB 8320
BEB 8323

Number plate
WKT 5371

It is surprising that they are using such small cars instead of more rugged vehicles. Whatever it is, these people need to be purged from society like Ephedrasil Hardcore, one that purges fat from the system. LOL!


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    The local authorities ought to step up on law enforcement and crime prevention in light of horrendous crimes.

  2. Anonymous1:27 AM

    The world is becoming a less safe place to live. Crime rate is souring over here lately.

  3. Need to arm yourself with an iron rod at all times. If they come near you, bash their brains out.

  4. Can't show any mercy to these totally merciless highway robbers. The only good highway robber is a dead one.

  5. Yep, horrendous is the word. This is a long shot but I think there should be a law making it compulsory for parang (long knife) sale to be registered and the register submitted to the authorities for tracking purposes. At least as a deterrent in ownership of such a knife. There seems to be an increase in crimes being committed using this weapon. I heard of one more just last week.

  6. CC, my friend who is at where you are had her home broken into last year - in broad daylight. She also said there has been an increase in crime rate.

  7. MB, I used to have a baseball bat in my car but I no longer have it. Maybe I should resume keeping some sort of a safety precautionary item, eh?

    Btw, did you read about the Ferrari driver that was bashed up by highway robbers here in Malaysia some two or three weeks ago? That's a disgrace to Malaysians. What happened was this Ferrari (from Singapore) hit a Hyundai and along came two guys in a Benz and beat up the Ferrari driver. His wife was not hurt but she was so afraid, she ran. Later, their friends (in Ferraris) showed up and took them to the hospital. The Ferrari's bonnet was all smashed up. No mention of the Hyundai though.

  8. Yes. For the sake of your own safety, keep the baseball bat in your car at all times. Driving around Boleh Land without any weapon for defending yourself against robbers, rapists and murderers is like surfing the internet for porn without any anti-virus software on your computer. Sure get infected one :p

  9. MB, you're scaring me, wor. I like your last bit, Sure get infected one. So applicable too for some other unprotected notty acts. Oops...