Thursday, July 4, 2013

If it's a seat-belt cutter you need..

At breakfast at a restaurant some two weeks ago, a foreigner came into the restaurant hawking his product. He had with him a foldable recliner said to be handmade from Pakistan. After a demo and some haggling on the price, he made a sale to a lady.

Of late, there seems to be a lot less of such salesmen. It could probably be because of a clampdown by the authorities as most of them are foreigners and probably came into the country on a social visit pass. They sell products ranging from the common ballpoint pen to wallets and other novelty items. One of them even had army knives quite like those Swiss Army knives.

Talking about knives, I remember I was fascinated the first time I came across a mini snap knife, one that is squarish and small enough to fit into a purse and may come in handy.

A signal red Emergency Seat Belt Cutter
Did you ask about a seat belt cutter? This product is not easily available in a store but if you need one, you can certainly find a seat belt cutter at, a store known for the largest range of safety knives, safety cutters and box cutters anywhere.


  1. Good idea to buy this seat belt cutter. Bananaz got one simple pair of scissors kept inside the door pocket just in case seat belt got jammed during any emergency. This advice was given by my mechanic in Penang 30 years ago.

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