Saturday, July 20, 2013

Went shopping at Courts Mammoth

The purpose of my last visit to Courts Mammoth was to pick out a washing machine to replace the one that quit on me. Besides the section on washing machines, the fridges section got my attention as well that day.

We all know that Samsung is now the world leader in smartphones. Did you know they also have super nice-looking and super efficient refrigerators as well? I had a good time checking out all the refrigerators that visit. What a range!  By the way, I opted for a Samsung washing machine, one of their latest designs, the one with Wobble technology and I am happy, happy, happy with my choice.  



  1. great news!! nothing comes happier than being able to get something you really like.. :)

  2. so meaning doing more laundry happily now?? hehehe~~ :p