Saturday, July 13, 2013

What to look out for choosing your Toothpaste

For those of you who didn't know about this..

What brand of toothpaste are you or your family using? Humans are a creature of habit and we often stick to a particular brand once we think it agrees with us. But is what we choose good for us or our health? Take toothpaste, for instance.

Take a look at the base of the tube of your chosen brand of toothpaste. Does it have a green, blue, red or black colour bar?

Here's what the colours mean:

Green: Natural
Blue : Natural + Medicine
Red : Natural + Chemical composition
Black : Pure chemical

(Colgate is red, hence the foam according to the email.)

Now you know enough to pay attention when replenishing your toothpaste stock next. The email says to pick one with either a green or blue colour bar.

Source: Unknown - Info was received via email.


  1. ok, I must look out for those colors next time. Oh, my Darlie has black bar..

  2. Oh thanks for this info! Now only I know this!! Oh no!! Darlie is BLACK!!! So Colgate is better? I checked my Amway Toothpaste - it's BLUE. Maybe I should make the switch to Amway!

  3. Just retweeted this post! : )