Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Protect Your Child

P is for Protect Your Child.

This is a great message to spread.

We protect our email, our bank account, our phone with a password.

So why not protect our child.

From ChildPassword.com:

You can help prevent your child from being abducted
by simply doing the following:

1. Create a special password that is shared by you and your child and
other trusted people. Under no circumstances should this be shared
with anyone else.

2. Make sure your child memorises it.

3. If a stranger approaches your child and tries to convince him or her
to come with them, your child should demand the password.

4. If the stranger doesn’t know the password, your child should refuse
to go with the stranger and immediately alert a nearby teacher,
parent or policeman.

What method do you use to protect your child?

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